Introducing BillFin’s Invoice Delivery Feature: eDocs!

BillFin’s highly anticipated invoice delivery feature is here! Our eDocs add-on allows BillFin users to securely email their clients with just one click. Simply input your clients’ email addresses and set up a secure passcode to use this feature. Given that many states require invoice notifications, BillFin’s new eDocs feature allows digital delivery or zip file downloads with individual PDFs. The flexibility is there.

How Redi2 Revenue Manager’s Real-Time Dashboard Technology Helps Global Investment Managers Build a Competitive Advantage

Today’s investment managers must prioritize data analytics to increase the value and accuracy of business insights, it’s a competitive necessity. So, we focused our R&D on building robust, real-time analytics capabilities into our cutting-edge CFO Dashboards. For example, Revenue Manager’s 360-degree view provides enhanced transparency and a one-screen holistic view of a single client relationship or a broader view of business trends.

Enhancing Expertise, Benefits for TAMPs

Turnkey billing/revenue management adds another level to client service

Turnkey asset management platforms (TAMPs) hold more than $2 trillion in assets under administration (AUA), according to a 2021 estimate in Wealth Advisor’s latest report, “America’s Best TAMPs 2021 Edition.” This is up from estimates in 2011 of less than $147 billion in AUA. While this robust growth trajectory is a bullish indicator for the future of the industry, TAMPs still face a highly competitive environment where the most innovative thinkers dominate in a fractured but steadily consolidating industry.

COVID-19 Sheds Light on Asset Manager Billing System Weaknesses

No one will ever forget the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight social distancing and self-quarantining became the new norm. Clearly, fallout from our collective pandemic experiences will linger for generations. For chief financial officers (CFOs) and industry thought leaders at the world’s top asset managers, however, the pandemic brought a different issue to the forefront—one that

The Major Cost and Repercussions of Unnecessary Spreadsheet Fails

Let’s talk about spreadsheets.  We all use them.

Even in today’s RIA world, a lot of  financial advisors are still dependent on spreadsheets to calculate fees for their clients. Not only is it quite time consuming, but the high risk of incorrect fee calculations due to a simple error in your spreadsheet is unnecessarily stressful. 

Why Wealth Management Firms Need Better UMA Billing

Fee-based advice has been growing steadily for the past twenty years despite fee compression driven by robo-advisors and passive management strategies. This has pushed wealth management firms to start looking for ways to make their managed account programs stickier (less likely for clients to leave) and provide added value, both in service and performance.