Enterprise Billing Software for Broker-Dealers

The intricate arrangements between broker-dealers and their clients create unique challenges when it comes to transparent, accurate billing, invoicing and payment processing. Typically, a broker charges a fee for fulfilling an order when a client executes a buy or sell transaction. In some cases, the specific arrangement may also include separate fees for custody services or trade volumes.

The complexities of industry offerings as well as the laws and federal standards that regulate broker-dealers are constantly evolving. As such, managing complex billing and fee structures is a constant challenge for broker-dealers. To address these challenges, we developed Redi2 Wealth Manager(™), the premier enterprise billing platform purpose-built for the managed account industry.

Wealth Manager is a scalable, high-performance platform that was developed to solve the billing and payout challenges for modern broker-dealers.  Designed with a data and workflow model that captures and understands broker-dealers, Redi2’s Wealth Manager solution is the premier wealth management billing and revenue management platform in the industry.

How Wealth Manager Benefits Broker-Dealers

Wealth Manager is an enterprise platform that was designed for managed accounts, client billing, fee disclosure, complex payouts, and high-volume architecture making it the ideal solution for broker-dealers. Wealth Manager was designed to easily define fees at the account level, the sleeve level, and at various levels of aggregation making it simple to efficiently bill clients in a transparent way.

Wealth Manager features a powerful rules engine that can support even the most customized payouts that your firm negotiates with your advisors, managers, overlay managers, institutional clients, and technology partnerships. Broker-dealers can quickly and easily set up client billing across a wide range of advisory programs, billing models, and financial products using Wealth Manager’s flexible billing templates.

In addition, Wealth Manager helps broker-dealers stay compliant with FINRA and SOC regulations. Using Wealth Manager, broker-dealers can accurately calculate client fees, allowing them to provide clients with the level of transparency required in today’s financial regulatory environment.

Best of all, Wealth Manager was designed for high-volume architecture. Broker-dealers can quickly and accurately calculate fees and handle billing processes for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of client accounts in a matter of minutes.

With more than 15 years as a pioneer in financial services billing solutions, we at Redi2 believe there is truly no other solution like Wealth Manager available today. Sign up for a one-on-one tour of the leading wealth management billing and revenue management platform in the industry today.

Wealth Manager’s Key Features For Broker-Dealers

Wealth Manager addresses many of the most complex billing and payout challenges that broker-dealers encounter.  Whether you operate under a UMA, SMA, or RPM billing model, Wealth Manager has the scalability and flexibility to bring greater efficiency to your processes and help your business scale. Here are a few of the key features that some of the country’s most reputable wealth management firms have come to rely on.

Flexible Billing Templates

With Wealth Manager, broker-dealers can quickly setup client billing for UMA, SMA, and RPM billing models as well as for a number of advisory programs and products. Wealth Manager’s flexible billing templates allow you to set up and process billing for even your most complex client relationships in an automated way with flexible, reusable billing rules.

Need assistance configuring the billing rules for your brokerage? Redi2’s internal team is available to help set up your billing processes. Contact our customer success team today to schedule a guided tour of Wealth Manager.

Quick Approvals & Workflow

With Wealth Manager, you can quickly finalize and submit billing and transactional fee data to custodians and downstream platforms. You can also submit the data using both summarized and detailed views within or across firms, managers, programs, and/or products. Let us help you collect your revenue faster!

Reporting & Analytics

With Wealth Manager, you can easily drill down into the specifics of your revenues, payouts, and billing operational efficiencies and throughput with our embedded reporting and analytics.  Broker-dealers can gain insights into the most important key performance indicators of your billing and finance operations. Alternatively, use our rich data exports to populate your own in-house data warehouses for an even more custom and integrated business reporting experience.

Dashboards & Alerts

Broker-dealers can easily identify and manage fees, revenue, payouts, and even billing errors with the easy-to-use interactive widgets inside of Wealth Manager. The dashboards and alerts within Wealth Manager truly simplify your revenue management and regulatory compliance in a scalable way.

Customer Service

Among all of the features and benefits that Wealth Manager offers broker-dealers, our outstanding customer service is the one our clients appreciate most. Unlike other billing solutions for broker-dealers, we have put a priority on providing informed, efficient customer support to our users.

Our customer success team will help with onboarding, integration with your existing processes and services, setting up your billing rules and templates, and providing informed, reliable support along the way.

Get Started With Wealth Manager Today

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