A Guide to SEC Audits

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.”   For RIAs, you can add one more certainty to that list: SEC audits. Some examiners pay a visit to a new RIA within the first year or so and regularly throughout its life. Regulators might also show up unannounced from time to time,

How to Evaluate a Billing Solution for Your Practice

Advisors spend an average of two hours working behind the scenes for every hour they spend with a client.1 While much of that time is spent on research and report writing, billing is second only to client prospecting in what takes up an advisor’s time each day. Selecting the right billing solution can be the difference between

Take the Headache out of Splitting Advisor Fees

This post was originally published on Envestnet’s blog. Billing software has helped automate the process, but there are still a number of operational issues that are not supported and require significant manual effort from the operations team. Splitting fees among advisors is one of these issues. While the math to split fees is simple, the process

Pricing innovation is good, but manual billing can be painful

This post was originally published on Envestnet’s blog.  In financial services, billing may not be a favorite topic for some. It can be time consuming, complex, and often just… uncomfortable. Very few financial advisors chose their profession because they enjoy discussing fees or billing with their clients. But no advisor can stay in business if

Types Of Asset Allocation Models For A Portfolio

Investment returns are constantly fluctuating in today’s market. Asset allocation is key to building a healthy retirement and achieving your investing goals. Here, you can learn about the benefits of establishing an asset allocation model and how to do so. What Is Asset Allocation? Maintaining a diverse investment portfolio is the key to financial growth.

What Is Sustainable Investing?

The world of investment is changing. As more impact-conscious investors and millennials enter the markets, they emphasize improving this world as you improve your financial portfolio. For many investors, the approach to investing is changing. While avoiding certain “sin stocks,” including tobacco, weapons, alcohol, and gambling investments, has decreased, a more holistic, proactive type of