Enterprise Billing Software for Asset Managers

Asset Managers know the challenges of client billing in today’s constantly changing financial space. Between the complex fee structures, constantly evolving billing models, and growing product offerings, creating clear, accurate invoices is one of the most time-consuming processes that asset managers face.

To address these industry-wide bottlenecks, Redi2 Technologies created Redi2 Revenue Manager(™), a holistic and insightful revenue platform built for scalable performance.

To sign and retain clients in today’s financial product landscape, negotiating competitive and unique investment management agreements (IMAs) is unavoidable. Revenue Manager was built from the ground up with complex fee structures and negotiated terms in mind, making it simple and quick for asset managers to control and modify the unique agreements negotiated with their clients. Our rules engine allows for even the most complex fee structures to be handled automatically.

Customized invoicing is integrated into the software, allowing your team to send concise and accurate invoices to clients on an automated schedule. Customization options allow for unlimited possibilities for personalized, professionally designed invoices that will reflect the attention to detail of your portfolio managers.

Our platform also allows for global fee calculations and journal entries, allowing you to upgrade your revenue management and collection operations to work with foreign currencies for a truly worldwide reach. You can manage assets in one currency, calculate fees in a different currency, bill clients in a third currency, and still post accurate and timely accounting entries to your GL in a fourth currency; you will never feel limited when dealing with international clients.

Why Asset Managers Are Using Revenue Manager

Redi2’s fee billing and revenue management solution for asset managers, Revenue Manager, is as flexible as it is feature-rich. Thanks to a suite of enterprise features including an advanced yet intuitive user interface, user-definable workflow, and flexible billing rules just to name a few, Revenue Manager has become the choice platform for the most complex revenue management needs.

Comprehensive and intuitive dashboards enable asset managers to get more done and make better educated decisions and recommendations to their clients. Revenue Manager’s forecasting capability will provide you with growth and trend metrics invaluable to your asset manager’s success. Combined with a 360-degree overview of what customers are doing, and buying, as well as account growth, there has never been a platform that puts all this information at your fingertips.

Redi2’s Revenue Manager eliminates the need for drawn-out and complicated integration projects with general ledgers. Whether you work with Oracle, Workday, Coda, or Epicor, our software is designed to integrate and work with your general ledger on day one. Leave the technical aspects of software integration to us and focus on your business.  Likewise, Revenue Manager easily integrates with Salesforce, keeping more of your data flowing and connected.

Revenue Manager’s integrated end-to-end workflow changes the way that asset managers do business. From staging and gathering data and information, performing complex fee-splitting calculations, producing and distributing customized client invoices, reconciling cash, and creating customized dashboards for reporting, almost everything in your workflow can be handled within Revenue Manager. Automate your entire revenue management and billing process, and see your firm’s efficiency skyrocket.

You won’t find a more secure solution, both in terms of technical reliability and regulatory compliance. Revenue Manager is designed to reduce operational risk, and meet ever-increasing regulatory compliance and accountability obligations through the use of controls on billing approvals and workflows.

Establish multiple approval points, set alerts and reminders for addressing high-priority clients, and handle large volumes of clients in batches with just a few clicks. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’re able to save by using Revenue Manager’s workflows and automated tools.

Your Customized Billing Solution – Redi2 Revenue Manager

When you are ready to automate your revenue management & billing processes with a specialized software solution, look no further than Redi2’s Revenue Manager. Get in touch today to schedule a demo, and we’ll give you a guided tour through which of our billing products is the best fit for your asset management firm. Redi2’s solutions are designed to help you scale your business, and are sure to help you drive higher ROI through increased efficiency, accuracy, and shorter billing cycles.