A Fee Splitting Solution

Our simple and cost-effective cloud-based advisory billing software

Accurately pay your firm, advisors, solicitors, consultants, and other representatives their appropriate fees with Payouts by BillFin™.

Whether you are looking for a fee splitting or an advisor compensation tool, Payouts is a solution that allows you to define your payees and set up specific rules based on the firm’s set standards and the advisor’s negotiated rate.

Already have your own billing solution? No problem. Use your own fee calculation engine and leverage Payouts for fee splitting only.

Payouts automatically creates a report that captures the individual payout portions based on the defined firm-level, client-level, or account-level rules. Simply export these reports, send to your payees for review, and then send their cut. The Payouts report shows their fee total, accounts managed, and fee splits, all in one file.

A billing tool that can handle complicated fee splits, multiple advisor payments, and third-party allocations in a simple and intuitive manner.