How Redi2 Revenue Manager’s Real-Time Dashboard Technology Helps Global Investment Managers Build a Competitive Advantage

March 02, 2022 |

Against today’s backdrop—ongoing COVID-19 pandemic issues, increasing regulation/oversight, a highly competitive landscape, and ever-increasing technology demands—many investment management organizations need more from their revenue management solutions.

Redi2 Revenue Manager™ (RM) has been the leader in this space. We’ve been asking: How can we, as a provider of revenue management solutions, help clients match today’s challenges. The answers:

  • Do more to provide clear, actionable, measurable decision support to the leadership of our client organizations
  • Layer artificial intelligence (AI) control to add speed and accuracy to the end-to-end business process so data is complete and reliable
  • Assist in integrating an ocean of data so that, together, our client teams can see the forest through the trees

To draw these conclusions, we actively solicited information from our industry contacts, our current customers, and our prospects. We also tapped the collective industry knowledge of our active user group. Redi2 typically does not spend on R&D without the buy-in of our customer community. From this real-world customer research, we heard a clear message. The common challenges global asset managers faced from a billing/revenue perspective was a need for stronger analytics. They needed a next-generation, real-time experience that allows them to manipulate their data to help unlock value, fine-tune revenue management practices, and make better overall strategic business decisions.

Taking a 360 strategic view

Today’s investment managers must prioritize data analytics to increase the value and accuracy of business insights, it’s a competitive necessity. So, we focused our R&D on building robust, real-time analytics capabilities into our cutting-edge CFO Dashboards. For example, Revenue Manager’s 360-degree view provides enhanced transparency and a one-screen holistic view of a single client relationship or a broader view of business trends.

Our multidimensional 360-view dashboard shows real-time analytics, such as total revenue, AUM, payment, asset flows, top/bottom revenue clients, and period-over-period revenue change. Users can also drill down for more detailed information, such as filtering to view by product, (e.g., Core Fixed Income, Mid Cap, International Equity, etc.) or to learn critical details about contract specifics—for a one-glance overview of each client relationship and critical insight into areas needing improvement.

Finally, our dashboard-produced insight is integrated with Revenue Manager’s new AI-based Revenue Forecast feature, which was built to encompass both econometrics and machine learning (ML) techniques. It helps asset manager clients integrate all areas of their businesses and plays a major role in accurate strategic forecasting.

In addition to our 360-view dashboard, we also offer function-specific dashboards to provide visual analysis for common requests, such as:

  • Past due invoices are tracked via the RM Receivables dashboard, RM Accounts Receivable (AR) Reporting, and additional RM Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards.
  • High-level stats on the overall status of a billing period are viewed on our Revenue Lifecycle dashboard. This dashboard also shows a summary of approval and payment velocity, approval time average, and top client outstanding balances.
  • Tracking who created, approved, or rejected fees and the timestamp as to when this occurred can be viewed on our Workflow Invoice Milestones Report. This dashboard also shows billing workflow exceptions, and average number of days from revising fees to approving them.

There are also various summary dashboards in Revenue Manager, which include:

  • A dashboard that shows number of active clients, invoices that need approval, unpaid invoices, and batches that need approvals
  • Client and groups dashboards to show new clients & groups, and client & group status
  • Accrual, billing, and payment dashboards
  • The Revenue by Fee Schedule dashboard shows fee schedules that generated top total revenue and AUM. Users can also filter by MFN contract specifics.

Driven by Tableau

We chose Tableau®, the best-of-breed in helping people see and understand data through smart dashboards, to maximum the insight and flexibility our clients can access from their own data. Tableau specializes in showing the stories behind the data by translating it into visual analytics that can be manipulated to bring “ah ha” insight to the table. Using this technology, our clients discover trends, easily identify outliers, and see the bigger picture so future planning and strategic business decisions become clearer. “Data Cultures make data available in the right form, at the right time, and with the necessary context to drive impact, moving business metrics up and to the right,” according to Tableau-sponsored research.

Connected ecosystem

Revenue Manager accommodates integration of existing infrastructure across platforms, such as with general ledgers, including Oracle, Workday, Coda, or Epicor; or with CRM packages, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Microsoft Dynamics. This integration allows clients to bring the power of our dashboard analytics to all aspects of their strategic business decision making.

In addition to our dashboard-focused partnership with Tableau, Redi2 partnered with IBM Private Cloud Services. This combination delivers strong added client value through increased overall confidence and exceptional flexibility. IBM’s private cloud infrastructure provides global coverage and unsurpassed security. It also enables exceptionally fast reaction options for clients who may need to respond to changing conditions, move data from one country to another, or quickly scale their infrastructure requirements.

A holistic approach to strategic planning

The need for investment management organizations to adapt a robust data management and analytics platform for their billing/revenue management function has never been greater. Those companies that are proactive in this arena create a distinctive competitive advantage based on the additional dashboard-produced insights that allow them to leverage business intelligence gained from smarter, real-time data translation.


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