My BillFin Story by Edwin Retter

March 26, 2018 |

Many thanks to BillFin for streamlining our firm’s invoicing process!  As a small but growing RIA, we are always looking for cost-effective ways to increase productivity and have more time to work with clients.  Technology solutions play a big role, of course, and BillFin is worth every penny.  Customizing their software to our specific firm

New BillFin Enhancements Through Blueleaf

Single Sign-On, Automated Invoice Delivery Are the Latest Tools for Advisors

January 31, 2018 |

Redi2 Technologies' BillFin solution, currently being used by more than 360 advisory firms, recently introduced two major enhancements which will debut through its integration with Blueleaf, a leading automated reporting and client communication platform. With the addition of Single Sign-On, and an automated process for pushing advisor invoices into the client portal, BillFin provides greater efficiencies for advisors.

My BillFin Story by Justin Castelli

Founder & Financial Advisor of RLS Wealth Management

January 26, 2018 |

Prior to finding BillFin, I used to calculate management fees myself, which was an extremely stressful process. Billing consisted of a five spreadsheet progression to make sure no mistakes were made and I could show exactly how the fee was calculated. This was a lengthy process, often taking the majority of a day to complete.

Oppenheimer Integrates Redi2 to Better Serve Financial Advisors

Process Efficiencies, Fee Disclosure, Ability to Scale Drive Decision

December 05, 2017 |

Redi2 Technologies, announced its integration with Oppenheimer Asset Management, an affiliate of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., a leading investment bank and full-service investment firm providing investment banking, financial advisory services, capital markets services, asset management, wealth management, and related products and services worldwide.

Fee Splitting Made Simple with AdvisorPay

BillFin releases new module for splitting advisor payout fees

November 08, 2017 |

AdvisorPay is the brand-spanking new module in BillFin that allows your billing experts to define your payees and set up specific rules based on the firm's set standards and the advisor’s negotiated rate. So to keep your team happy, BillFin has created a slick CSV file report that spits out the firm’s and advisor’s cuts based on the defined firm-level, client-level, or account-level rules.


Conveying professionalism to your clients

July 11, 2017 |

Fees and billing are one of the most sensitive touch points within the advisor-client interaction. When your clients receive their statement of fees, direct debit notice, or invoice there is a moment of truth when the value of your services gets assessed.