Redi2 by Envestnet Deepens Integration with Schwab Advisor Services™

Independent investment advisors using Schwab’s custodial services and the BillFin™ client billing solution now have more capabilities, ease of use

December 01, 2022 |

Boston [December 1, 2022] —Envestnet today announced that its Redi2 BillFin™ solution  is developing a deeper integration with  Schwab Advisor Services™, the industry’s largest provider of  custody, trading and support services to independent investment advisors.

Advisors on the Schwab platform using the intuitive and cost-effective BillFin™ cloud-based billing solution will now have access to more capabilities, including flexible billing setup, standardized templates, and reminders and alerts.

“We’re always looking to introduce and deepen integrations with innovative solutions that can enhance the user experience, add functionality and increase productivity,” said Kartik Srinivasan, head of third-party integrations at Schwab Digital Advisor Solutions. “Our enhanced integration with BillFin further demonstrates the depth and breadth of our third-party technology capabilities, enabling advisors to choose and combine technology that best meets their needs.”

“This deeper level of integration will allow even more data to seamlessly flow back and forth between the BillFin and Schwab platforms,” said Fermin Garcia, Head of Billing Technology for Envestnet. “We are excited to have completed this next-level integration with Schwab Advisor Services as, ultimately, it will improve the efficiency and productivity of our clients’ billing operations.”

“The Schwab Advisor Services team is known to work tirelessly to deliver specialized service and exceptional value to Registered Investment Advisors,” said Envestnet Head of Billing Development, Seth Johnson. “Their approach to technology for RIAs includes access to their comprehensive digital platform, third-party integrations with firms like ours, and industry experience. Redi2 by Envestnet is pleased to be a part of this equation.”

The BillFin™ solution, which is currently used by more than 670 advisory firms, provides multiple features, including:

  • Flexible billing setup
  • Standardized billing templates
  • Simple, intuitive user experience
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Prorated billing
  • Embedded reporting and analytics
  • Fee splitting module


The intended benefits of BillFin™ for Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms include:

  • Increase in operational efficiencies
  • Identifying and plugging fee leaks
  • Easily integrating existing infrastructure across platforms
  • Automating custom billing scenarios and customizing invoices
  • Simplifying user experience and workflow to minimize errors and shorten billing cycles



Boston-based Redi2 Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Envestnet in July 2022, creating the industry leading revenue and billing management platform and becoming part of Envestnet’s ecosystem of technology, solutions and intelligence.  Envestnet refers to the family of operating subsidiaries of the public holding company, Envestnet, Inc. (NYSE: ENV).

Redi2 by Envestnet is hyper-focused in the niche area of financial services billing and has earned the confidence of many of the world’s leading financial institutions. Over 900 financial services firms (670 of which are client-facing financial advisory firms), with aggregated assets under management or administration of over $10 trillion, calculate their complex fee types with Redi2 by Envestnet’s solutions. The Redi2 team is singularly focused on making billing better for financial services firms and improving its clients’ ability to become more successful at servicing their clients so they can collect their revenues faster. Redi2 leverages technology to automate client reporting, fee billing and invoicing for wealth and investment managers. Redi2 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) pioneer and a market leader in vendor-hosted fee billing for firms of all sizes. To learn more about Redi2’s Software as a Service (SaaS) billing solutions, visit