How to Evaluate a Billing Solution for Your Practice

Advisors spend an average of two hours working behind the scenes for every hour they spend with a client.1 While much of that time is spent on research and report writing, billing is second only to client prospecting in what takes up an advisor’s time each day. Selecting the right billing solution can be the difference between

Take the Headache out of Splitting Advisor Fees

This post was originally published on Envestnet’s blog. Billing software has helped automate the process, but there are still a number of operational issues that are not supported and require significant manual effort from the operations team. Splitting fees among advisors is one of these issues. While the math to split fees is simple, the process

10 Steps to Reaching Advisor Freedom

How to Start an Independent RIA Without Breaking the Bank

As an independent RIA, the advisor calls the shots. They can use any technology, offer whatever products they wish, and make more money per client because they are not beholden to a corporate RIA. Independent advisors primarily work from home, a potential solution for advisors who don’t want to return to office work.

Must Read Blogs for Financial Advisors

The blogs above and podcasts previously referenced are only a tiny sample of high-quality, informative content aimed at advisors. Often these blogs and podcasts share content from other thought leaders, podcasters, and bloggers, allowing you to build a library of great content that will help you gain a competitive edge.

Must-Listen Podcasts for Advisors

Advisors are competitive by nature, and to stay on top of their game, they need to be aware and well-versed in the latest trends and industry developments. A convenient way to do so is by reading industry blogs and listening to podcasts.

The 6 Best Professional Associations for Advisors

We recommend joining a national organization with local chapters such as NAIFA, FPA, or AFP to start. Some of these local chapters in the larger organizations are pretty active: for example, FPA San Francisco and several other chapters organize FPA NorCal, which regularly has programming and speakers that rival the quality you’d find at a national conference.