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My BillFin Story by Aaron Hattenbach

Founder and Managing Member of Rapport Financial At prior RIA firms, we used Excel spreadsheets for calculating quarterly billing and generating invoices. But this is both time consuming and cumbersome with different fee schedules, clients joining your practice mid-quarter, prorated billing, etc. What I really like about BillFin is that once it’s all set up and you learn the user interface, you’re

Ensuring Correct Market Valuations Are Used for Billing: Issue #1

SEC issued a risk alert on advisory fee billing and compliance. Back in April, the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued a risk alert on advisory fee billing and compliance. Of the six most frequent compliance issues they outlined, BillFin can help ensure the top five are not concerns for your fee billing (see our June article). Let’s start with issue number one: Fee Billing Based on Incorrect Account Valuations. BillFin is extremely flexible and simple to use. The workflow is as simple as calculating fees, exporting your invoices, and then exporting your debit files. Since the first step is critically important, you will need your management fees to be correct and for that, the account valuations must be correct.