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Vestmark Partners with Redi2, Giving VestmarkONE® Platform Users Access to Scalable Billing Tool for Managed Accounts

Vestmark Continues Forging Industry Relationships in Ongoing Effort to Provide a Seamless, Fully Integrated Solution

April 21, 2020 |

Wakefield, Mass.April 21, 2020—Vestmark, Inc. announces a strategic partnership with Redi2 Technologies, Inc. that will give financial institutions and registered investment advisors (RIAs) access to the Redi2 Wealth Manager billing solution through the VestmarkONE® platform.

Boston-based fintech billing solutions specialist Redi2 built its Wealth Manager software to help broker-dealers and RIAs accurately and efficiently bill clients—as well as analyze, audit, collect, and manage fee revenues—across the spectrum of advisory programs and products. Redi2’s Wealth Manager platform also enables clients to define fees at the account, sleeve, and specialized aggregation levels, and supports customized payout scenarios negotiated with advisors, institutional clients, and third parties.

“We continue to seek partnerships with other innovative technology providers in order to broaden the end-to-end experience within our VestmarkONE portfolio management and trading platform,” said Wayne Gilpin, Senior Vice President of Global Partners at Vestmark. “Redi2’s Wealth Manager is a scalable solution enabling advisors to calculate fees and payouts for hundreds of thousands of households, accounts, and sleeves in a matter of minutes. This integration will allow the advisors who rely on Vestmark to accomplish more in less time for clients, including those with complex or sophisticated portfolios, within a single integrated ecosystem.”

In addition to providing fully integrated and seamless access to Wealth Manager from the VestmarkONE platform, Redi2 professionals will work directly with Vestmark’s sales team members to deliver the right solution for every Vestmark customer.

“We built our Wealth Manager offering to solve the billing and payout challenges of modern-day wealth management practices with growing and diverse service models and products,” said Tom Huddleston, Managing Director of Redi2’s Wealth Management business. “The flexibility, scalability, and transparency we deliver make Wealth Manager one of the leading billing and revenue management solutions in the wealth management industry. We are excited that VestmarkONE platform users are now able to harness our powerful tools to service clients better and more effectively achieve their goals for practice growth.”

To schedule a demo of Wealth Manager, VestmarkONE platform customers can contact their Vestmark service representative or sign up by clicking on this link.

The partnership has been met positively by Vestmark customers.

“The ability to seamlessly set up and run billing for all of our clients across our business gives us much more time to focus on what we do best—working with clients and their families to improve investment and financial outcomes,” said John Karsen, Managing Director at Oppenheimer & Co., Inc., a VestmarkONE platform customer that has signed up for Redi2’s Wealth Manager. “Vestmark and Redi2 are experts on the portfolio and practice management needs of wealth managers, and the capability to access both of these best-of-breed solutions through a seamlessly integrated platform is an advantage for our advisors as well as our clients.”

About Vestmark:

Headquartered outside of Boston, MA and founded in 2001, Vestmark is a leading provider of portfolio management/trading solutions and outsourced services for financial institutions and their advisors, enabling them to efficiently manage and trade customized client portfolios through an innovative SaaS platform. Supporting over $1.4 trillion in assets and 4.5 million accounts, Vestmark is a trusted partner to some of the largest and most respected wealth management firms. For more information about Vestmark’s solutions, call (781) 224-3640, email, or visit