Redi2 Launches BillFin Cloud-Based Billing Tool for Advisors, Broker-Dealers

BillFin integrates with Redtail CRM, TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo platform

February 13, 2015 |

BOSTON, February 13, 2015 – Redi2 Technologies, Inc., a fee-billing software firm with a longtime track record of providing enterprise solutions to large institutions, today announced the launch of BillFin, a cloud-based billing tool for broker-dealers and registered investment
advisors (RIAs) that calculates fees and creates professional-looking client invoices and industry-standard custodian files.

With technology integration now a core component in the delivery of a seamless user experience, Redi2 also announces that it is partnering with other well-regarded product providers during the BillFin launch. Redtail Technology’s customer relationship management system (CRM) and TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo Open Access platform are among the first of BillFin’s partners, and further integrations are underway.

Redi2 President, Founder and Chief Operating Officer Fermin Garcia said BillFin was introduced in beta in November 2014 and will go live in March. Product features that have been fully tested include intuitive fee billing and analysis, flexible fee schedules, client invoices, reminders and custodian-ready debit files, Mr. Garcia said.

With BillFin, Redi2 fills a void that RIAs and broker-dealers have traditionally struggled to fill by resorting to spreadsheets and other do-it-yourself software packages.
“BillFin is the first cloud-based billing software solution that integrates seamlessly with other products such as CRMs, portfolio management systems, custodians and data aggregators,” Mr. Garcia said.
Advisors can customize BillFin’s invoicing feature with their own logos and text, and they can also easily link to their CRM systems for up-to-date client addresses. For example, BillFin’s cloud-based tool provides a view of “Fee Calculation Details,” which allows advisors to more easily explain to clients how their fees are calculated.

Custodians, too, can receive automated, custom-formatted fee files from advisors via BillFin. These files conform to each custodian’s requirements and can be downloaded any time after fees are calculated.

“If you’re an advisor and looking to get off of spreadsheets and automate your billing with an easy-to-learn, cloud-based tool that hits all the traditional billing hot spots, then you need to check out BillFin,” Mr. Garcia said. “We cater to advisors who want a painless solution that is easy to get up and running, and then helps elevate the accuracy, professionalism and speed of the billing process.”


About Redi2 Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Boston, Redi2 Technologies offers a comprehensive, cloud-based revenue management platform to the global financial services industry. Since its 2002 founding, Redi2 has leveraged technology to automate client reporting, fee billing and invoicing for wealth and investment managers. Redi2 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) pioneer and a market leader in vendor-hosted fee billing for firms of all sizes.

About BillFin

BillFin is Redi2’s simple and flexible billing system for financial advisors and broker-dealers. Designed for easy import of data from any CRM, custodian, or portfolio management system, BillFin’s features include flexible billing rules, automated tiered or flat pricing at client and account levels, fee schedule templates and customizable invoices. Click here for a free trial of BillFin.