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New BillFin Enhancements Through Blueleaf

Single Sign-On, Automated Invoice Delivery Are the Latest Tools for Advisors

January 31, 2018 |

BOSTON [Jan. 31, 2018] – Redi2 Technologies’ BillFin solution, currently being used by more than 360 advisory firms, recently introduced two major enhancements which will debut through its integration with Blueleaf, a leading automated reporting and client communication platform. With the addition of Single Sign-On, and an automated process for pushing advisor invoices into the client portal, BillFin provides greater efficiencies for advisors. “In everything we do, our goal is to leverage technology to streamline advisors’ back office processes,” said Fermin Garcia, Redi2 President and COO. “Advisors want to excel at serving clients, and time-saving software enhancements allow them to keep their focus where it belongs – on their clients.”

With Single Sign-On (SSO), Blueleaf users can seamlessly access BillFin from the Blueleaf’s advisor dashboard without the need to separately log into BillFin, as was previously the case. It enhances the user experience for advisors who use the Blueleaf and BillFin solutions by providing the look and feel of a single integrated application.

The other enhancement addresses how invoices are delivered to clients.  With a simple click of a button, Blueleaf customers can now automatically push any BillFin invoice into the Blueleaf client portal for client viewing, eliminating the need for manual transfers and disjointed workflow.

“Scalability and efficiency are key success factors for advisors,” said Blueleaf CEO John Prendergast. “Our integration with BillFin is driven by our mission to automate reporting and communication to help advisors achieve their strategic objectives, and these new enhancements are additional tools to help them do that.”

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