My BillFin Story by Justin Castelli

Founder & Financial Advisor of RLS Wealth Management

January 26, 2018 |

Prior to finding BillFin, I used to calculate management fees myself, which was an extremely stressful process. Billing consisted of a five spreadsheet progression to make sure no mistakes were made and I could show exactly how the fee was calculated. This was a lengthy process, often taking the majority of a day to complete.

BillFin allows me to complete billing within 30 minutes, at the longest. Now, all I do is run the BillFin sync to TD Ameritrade, compare to my spreadsheet to confirm account values and the fee to be debited. Once I know everything is correct, BillFin creates the spreadsheet I need to upload to TD Ameritrade, along with the client invoices. It’s such a quick and easy process–and without the stress of what I was used to.

I’ve begun using new CRM and client portal company software, which will do billing. I am not switching my billing to this software because I am so happy with BillFin. It’s a tremendous value for how seamless it has made my billing process. In addition to the software, the support team is outstanding. The times I’ve had to lean on them when getting set up, they’ve been great–very accessible, knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly, quick to resolve my issue and educate me along the way.

As I mentioned, I could have dropped BillFin over a year ago, but I remain a loyal customer and will keep working with them.

Justin Castelli, CFP®

Founder & Financial Advisor

RLS Wealth Management

Website: www.rlswm.com

Twitter: @Jus10Castelli