Tim Brockman

My BillFin Story by Tim Brockman

Retirement Plan Advisor at Brockman Capital Management

August 04, 2020 |


Prior to signing with BillFin, I was spending three hours (to three days) on my billing process via excel. While excel got the job done, I found that I was taking time away from my clients to process their billing, and I didn’t want that. I researched, found BillFin, and signed up immediately.

My billing process, from start to finish, now only takes me 30 minutes! The added integration with TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Veo One® saves me an extra step since BillFin will send my payment file back to them once I click the “send” button. I only need to login to BillFin and its connectors pull and push everything I need to finish my billing.

Tim Brockman,

Brockman Capital Management, LLC


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