Dan Cunningham

My BillFin Story by Dan Cunningham

Principal at One Day In July, LLC

September 23, 2020 |

One Day In July, LLC has been working with BillFin™ for approximately one year.  We have been so very pleased with our decision from the start, and are especially happy with the service team.

Our Story:

Our Controller was calculating each client’s bill and advisor’s commission manually via spreadsheets on a monthly basis.  This process would take a minimum of 4 business days.  When the first of the month included a weekend or Monday Holiday, as many as 6 days would pass before billing and commission calculations were complete.  This manual process clearly had negative effects on everyone at One Day In July.

The move to cloud sourced BillFin with the direct link to our data has proved prescient with the need to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis.  Their service team has handled any issues we’ve encountered quickly and efficiently throughout.  We are now able to consistently complete the billing and commission process on business day-one each month.   Most importantly, this integration has freed up my time to focus on growing our practice.

I would encourage any Advisory practice to engage BillFin.


Dan Cunningham


One Day In July, LLC

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