Must Read Blogs for Financial Advisors

September 26, 2022 |

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Podcasts are excellent ways to keep on top of the latest industry news. However, if you have the time, blogs can provide an even deeper perspective on issues that might be a little too dry for a podcast – and we think the following financial advisor blogs are must-reads. Reference this article for the must-listen to podcasts.

The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz is co-founder, chairman, and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management, and runs The Big Picture and hosts the Masters in Business Podcast. Ritholtz’s career has focused on how the intersection of behavioral economics and data affects investors. The Big Picture is a great daily resource for insight and opinion into the capital markets from this perspective, with the occasional diversion into cars and music.

Mish Talk

Mike “Mish” Shedlock is an RIA for SitkaPacific Capital Management. His blog focuses on interest rates, central bank policy, gold, precious metals, jobs, and economic reports from a macro – and often brutally honest perspective.

The Reformed Broker

Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Joshua Brown started The Reformed Broker in 2008, looking at markets, politics, economics, media, culture, and finance. Brown has made a name for himself by using a combination of statistics, sarcasm, and humor to get his point across. One thing he says he won’t do is give financial advice. “The Reformed Broker is a forecast-free blog,” he says.

Pragmatic Capitalism

Founded amidst the worldwide financial crisis of 2008, Pragmatic Capitalism aimed to bring a dose of reality to a time where myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings seemed to determine where the markets went. Financial planner Cullen Roche hopes to inform readers by providing “an unbiased and open-minded approach by understanding the financial system for what it is.”

FP Pad

Whereas the other suggestions all talk about economic issues, FP Pad focuses on technology issues that advisors may face. With so much of the industry going completely digital. FP Pad also advises how to incorporate financial technology into your business in a way that doesn’t create even more headaches. In addition to running the blog, its founders Bill Winterberg and Steve Biermann, offer consulting services for firms looking for technology advice.

Nerd’s Eye View

Michael Kitces’ Nerd’s Eye View also focuses on helping advisors take advantage of technology to grow their business, although with a much broader perspective than FP Pad’s purely technological look at the advisor industry. His weekend posts are a great way to get caught up on industry news. However, Kitces and others do continuously post new content throughout the week.

In Summary

The blogs above and podcasts previously referenced are only a tiny sample of high-quality, informative content aimed at advisors. Often these blogs and podcasts share content from other thought leaders, podcasters, and bloggers, allowing you to build a library of great content that will help you gain a competitive edge.

And if you feel like you have something to share that would benefit the industry, create a blog or podcast of your own. As we said in our marketing recommendations, if your content is unique and compelling, either works well to get the word out about your firm.


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