Envestnet Announces Acquisition of Redi2 Technologies, Creating the Industry Leading Revenue & Billing Management Platform

Redi2 Technologies Technology Platform Will Further Modernize Billing, Accounting, and Back Office Capabilities within the Envestnet Ecosystem—Driving Greater Client Engagement and Enhanced Revenue by Leveraging the Envestnet Client Base

In Their Voices: Patty Banks

Patty Banks, Redi2’s Director of Engineering for Revenue Manager, has worked for the company since 2018, but she has worked with members of her team for much longer. For example, she was recruited by David Ritchie, her current boss, with whom she has a decades-long work relationship.

TSAM London Interview with Dave Ritchie

Foxon Media recently caught up with Dave Ritchie, who leads Redi2’s Revenue Manager operations, while he was attending TSAM London. In his video interview below, Dave provides industry insight on evolving revenue management technology, and he discusses the main challenges and opportunities he is seeing for asset managers. Challenges include staffing shortages and remote work

In Their Voices: Zhong Huang

Zhong Huang, a Senior Lead Engineer, has worked at Redi2 for more than six years. He has been part of the continuous evolution of the BillFin product serving financial advisors.

Support a Nationwide Food Drive on May 14

After a two-year COVID-related pause, the 30th Annual Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive happens Saturday, May 14, across the nation. You can be part of the effort by simply filling a sturdy bag with nonperishable food items and leaving it at your mailbox prior to mail delivery! The nation’s 200,000 letter carriers will collect the donations and donate

Our Salute to Earth Day

This year, in honor of Earth Day, we turned Redi2’s CEO Seth Johnson loose with a camera in his home state of Utah. This short clip shows off the spectacular beauty that surrounds all of us and it serves as a reminder of just how important it is to take steps—both large and small—to protect our planet. Happy Earth Day!