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Advisory Fees

Calculate flat, tiered, and banded AUM fees. Bill in advance or in arrears, based on end of period or average daily balance. Easily set-up asset exclusions by household, account, asset class, and/or individual security. All at the fingertips of advisors and finance professionals, with secure access and controls. Let BillFin help you unlock your potential for negotiating competitive and unique advisory agreements.

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Payment Files

Create simple CSV/Excel files of your fees to upload to your custodian system and collect your fees in a snap. BillFin supports the file formats for many of the custodians in the industry, including Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and RBC.

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Customizable Invoices

An integrated invoicing solution for producing one of your firm’s most important client-facing documents. Everyone knows that clear and accurate invoices drive revenue and your cash collection efficiencies. But, we also believe they should drive customer service and satisfaction. Generate professional-looking invoices and fee statements with BillFin, and never fret again about sending a lackluster customer invoice.

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Self-service Onboarding

Onboard your households, accounts, fee billing rules, and fee schedules quickly and painlessly with BillFin’s onboarding utility and save money with an alternative to costly traditional software implementation projects. Of course, our client services team is always there to lend a hand!

Key Features

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Flexible Billing Setup

Setup your firm to bill quarterly or monthly. Establish default billing rules at both firm and household level. Billing rules like advance vs arrears billing can be set at both levels. You can set whether billing on deposits and withdrawals applies to your entire firm or to a specific household. Also define default asset exclusions for households and optionally override them at the account level.

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Flexible Billing Templates

Gain substantial operational efficiencies and next-generation functionality with billing templates. Billing templates lets you and your teams define and maintain your most complex fee arrangements. We will help you process billing for your most tricky client relationships, and do so in an automated way with flexible, reusable billing rules.

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Simple & Intuitive UX

Upgrade your fee billing operations to a modern and interactive user experience. Build sophisticated billing rules and fee schedules with simplicity. BillFin is purpose-built to be intuitive, interactive, and just plain smart. We place a significant value on your teams’ productivity and job satisfaction, and strive to build our products with their overall user experience in mind.

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Reminders & Alerts

A rich, dynamic, and visual portal that brings your fee billing, invoicing, and payment processing to life. User-defined reminders and intelligent system alerts are presented throughout BillFin that give you better and more efficient ways to manage your billing process.

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Prorated Billing

Automate billing of your new accounts and intra-period deposits and withdrawals with BillFin. BillFin will automatically use special dates it stores to calculate prorated fees for accounts that incept during a period, as well as calculate prorated adjustments when accounts experience meaningful deposits and withdrawals.

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Embedded Reporting & Analytics

Deepen your understanding of your billing setup and fees. With BillFin’s reporting and analytics capabilities you’ll gain insights into the most important aspects of your client billing arrangements and your revenue. Alternatively use our rich data exports to populate your own in-house data warehouses for an even more custom and integrated business reporting experience.

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Fee Splitting via Payouts

Accurately payout your advisor’s fees using the Payouts module. Using our firm-level, client-level, and account-level rules, you can ensure your advisor’s fees are paid out quickly and effortlessly. After the initial setup, BillFin automatically creates an excel report capturing the firm and advisor payout portions. To learn more regarding this feature, read our article on fee splitting with Payouts.

Partner Integration

Why Clients Love BillFin

John Coulter

"I had been looking for a service that would handle just billing and invoicing without requiring me to purchase a suite of services including other functions I didn't need. That's exactly what BillFin offered me. I also try to make a point of doing business only with merchants that offer human tech support if I get into a jam and BillFin either answers the phone when I call or returns my call promptly. They're just the service I was looking for and they're doing a great job."

John CoulterCEO, Aspen Financial

Robert Young AIF® CRPS®

“I have a small RIA practice and every staff position must be utilized as efficiently as possible. BillFin is our partner for billing and invoicing. With their TD Ameritrade system integration, our billing is streamlined, mistake free, and trackable for our compliance files. Cost effective, efficient, and an outstanding Customer Support service makes BillFin our preferred partner.”

Robert Young AIF® CRPS®President, The Pension Group

Seth Stewart

“The integration of BillFin into our practice has saved us countless hours in calculating our client management fees. Furthermore, the ability to exclude assets from billing and provide manageable discount schedules has provided the flexibility we need to compete with many of the larger firms.”

Seth StewartManaging Partner, Brookstone Financial

George Papadopoulos, CPA/PFS CFP

“I have been using my own Excel spreadsheets for billing every quarter and the task grew to be very time consuming. Then I found BillFin which has saved many hours every quarter! It is very easy to learn. After the initial setup, it works very smoothly. What a huge burden off my shoulders, those Excel spreadsheets were getting horrendous to work with.”

George Papadopoulos, CPA/PFS CFPPresident, George Papadopoulos, CPA/PFS, CFP®

BillFin Pricing

7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Per month, billed annually


  • Up to 3 users
  • Up to $500M in AUM
  • Up to 150 clients/households
  • Unlimited fee schedule templates
  • Asset exclusions
  • Discounts
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Partner connectors
  • Custodian fee exports
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited phone support
  • $10/mo add-on for Average Daily Balance (ADB)
  • $20/mo add-on for Payouts
  • $15/mo for eDocs
  • $40/mo for 3-pack bundle
Per month, billed annually

Includes Standard Plan features plus:

  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 350 clients/households
  • BillFin ADB add-on
  • $40/mo add-on for Payouts
  • $25/mo for eDocs
  • $60/mo bundled
Per month, billed annually

Includes Professional Plan features plus:

  • Up to 500 clients/households
  • $80/mo add-on for Payouts
  • $50/mo for eDocs
  • $125/mo bundled

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Starts at
$600 per month

Includes Ultimate Plan features plus:

  • Unlimited clients/households
  • Unlimited AUM
  • Payouts add-on starts at $120/mo
  • eDocs add-on starts at $75/mo
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